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October 31, 2014 8:02 pm    |    by Carolina

Brooklyn Winery

brooklyn-wineryLocated in central Williamsburg, the innovative Brooklyn Winery sells premium small batch wines. When you stop by, you can tour their winery to learn all about the process of making the wine, the tradition of the craft, and enjoy the wine bar to sample various beverages that they offer. The menu at Brooklyn Winery is constantly changing, so visitors will be able to experience a robust drink flavor that reflects the season at Brooklyn Winery’s wine bar. The wine bar is open Monday-Thursday, and is generally closed to the public on the weekends for private event hosting.

Would you like to celebrate a special occasion in this vibrant neighborhood? Brooklyn Winery is available as your own private event venue! You could enjoy succulent in-house fare and site-crafted wines in the setting of this stunning yet quirky building. Brooklyn Winery is happy to host events ranging from weddings to birthdays. Speak with their team today to learn more about this accommodating venue.

Where to Stay

Hotel Le Jolie is only a few steps from Brooklyn Winery. Walk less than half a mile to sample the various wines at this superb wine bar and then return to your comfortable hotel. This hotel offers various amenities from free internet access to complimentary breakfast. Along with cozy accommodations, Hotel Le Jolie is the place to stay during your trip to Brooklyn Winery.

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